Department of Accountancy

This department offers programs and courses in accounting, audit, tax, accounting information systems, accounting applications, quantitative methods and analysis, financial management, risk management, financial services, banking, financial markets and institutions, and financial modeling..

Entry Requirement

5 O/Level credits including Mathematics, English Language, and any other 3 from Economics, Business Method,  Principle of Accounts, Literature in English,  Commerce, History, Statistics, Geography, Government,  Biology/Agricultural Science, and any other social science/ science subjects.

Tuition Fee
N35,000 per semester
Duration (ND)

2 years   (4 Semesters)

How will i be taught?
The course will feature classroom discussions, assignments, group projects, case studies, lectures, questions and exercises from textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, student experiences, and responses. Lectures and Seminars will be used to teach the students and educative excursions to various places during the study period.
Career Support

At the end of the ND program, diplomats of the program should be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of financial operations of different types of business, assist in the collection and integration of basic financial data for use in investment decisions, prepare final accounts of business, assist in the preparation of short and long term budget plans, collect and collate relevant financial information to aid superior officers and management in making financial decisions, interpret some basic ratio, statistical and financial data, carry out a preliminary survey and feasibility studies, and understand the principles of financial accounting and their application to business situations.

ND Accountancy





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